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Jason Jones

Jason has been a team leader for Bic Solutions. Driving the internal processes and systems, building key relationships, and ensuring customer satisfaction. As a leader at Bic Solutions, Jason has made strides to stay on top of technology advancement, along with implementing key factors to enhance and simplify the benefits experience for the client and internal users.

Shaun Smith

Shaun Specializes in unique ways to support business owners by offering solutions to lowering employee benefits packages. Educating employees on how best to use their benefits. Bottom line, protecting employees from losing what's most important to them and their families with a robust benefit package. 

Ron Jones

Ron has been in the industry for over a decade helping families protect their assets by offering a diverse portfolio of options. He works diligently to find the best options for the individual client needs. The most important person in the room, is the person he is helping at that moment! He invests his life for your life.

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